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Lancair - 120 - ARF Remote Control Airplane
Lancair - 120 - ARF Remote Control Airplane Quantity in Basket: None
MSRP: 249.95
AK-Models Price: $194.95
Shipping Weight: 23.00 pounds
Sold Out

New Model!

Very well built and covered in heat shrink covering.

All fiberglass fuselage and all wood  wing and all wood built-up airfoiled elevator.

Wing designed for operational flaps operated by independent servos.

Wings and elevators joint by aluminum tube for strength.

All controls surfaces are pre-hinged and installed.

Kit comes very complete with all necessary hardware, fuel tank and wheels.

This is 120 size kit of very popular Lancair kit!

Stand out from the crowd with this scale civilian model.


Download assembly manual here.

Average Customer Rating

Number of Raters: 7
Just flew my airplane with excellent results. It has an OS 3500 2 stroke with an 18/10 pusher prop and perry fuel pump. Fuel tank is a 40 oz dubro, and is mid mounted at the back edge of the canopy frame. No ballast weight in the nose. Two aileron servos, one for each side. Takeoff was in about 200 ft with a smooth liftoff. I would highly recommand this airplane for experienced flyers.
Very nice kit when you open the box. Once built with a OS 160 2 stroke the elevator & horizonal stab are not big enough to obtain enough lift for safe flight. Used 400 foot of runway and barly got off the ground, once it did, could not get it up to altitude and it crashed first flight.
Reviewer:  07/04/2010
Just recently completed the model. I did use most of my own hardware however as I just feel more confident in the tried and true. The included hardware appears to be adequate. The airplane is a true joy to fly. It does tuck to the belly in knife a bit but is easily dialed out with a little mix of elevator to rudder. I don't think there is a better deal on a 50cc aerobat out there. By the way, inverted climbing flatspins are awesome with this model. Try one for yourself, you'll love the airplane!
Reviewer:  02/07/2010
When I poined out the color difference Alex immediately offered to refund my money, but I decided to keep the plane instead. The website has now been changed to show a yellow plane. Also, he shipped me a new wing to replace the damaged one and also included a return FedEx shipping label to send him the old one back. As soon as I get it finished and up in the air I'll report back on how it flies.
Reviewer:  04/10/2012
I use this baby with a 110 EDF mounted with a 160HV ESC and two 5.0 22.2v on parallel, it fly and soun like real Jet.. wow.. check youtube under rduboc user, it will be there soon with a P-60 JET CAT mounted.. very nice!!!
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