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Electric Trainer - ARF Remote Control Airplane
Electric Trainer - ARF Remote Control Airplane Quantity in Basket: None
MSRP: 79.95
AK-Models Price: $54.95
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
22 available for immediate delivery.

Very simple design, balsa and plywood fuselage.

All wood built-up wing construction.

Nicely covered in heat shrink covering similar to Monokote.

Kit comes complete with hardware.

Flat bottom airfoil will be perfect for stable flight necessary for student pilots.

Very inexpensive kit to get in to electric flying of outstanding quality.


It is a good flying plane, my son and I personally assembled one and fly at our local park!

Price does not included electronic accessories.


Average Customer Rating

Number of Raters: 2
Missing parts and instructions are absolutely useless. Couldn't tell what was missing when received because there is NO parts list provided. You only find out when you build this. This is electric and instructions show a servo tray for nitro with full size throttle servo. Al servos shown were full size. And, there is no servo tray anyway. You have to make one. LOL funny how these kits are basically a airframe with you figuring out how to put it together. The directions show the wing attaches with rubber bands. It screws on but it uses puny M4 x.70 30 mm NYLON screws that stripped when installed. I switched to steel. Missing parts included NO servo steering linkage and NO aileron horn brackets [couldn't attach aileron pushrods]. Back to the hobby shop for steering linkage and aileron horn brackets. You have to have built planes before. Funny, the price is right, but the kit is a real adventure. I am sure it will fly fine. I mounted a Turnigy 35-36C 1100 KV motor. At this point I need to figure out a place for ESC so it gets enough air to stay cool. I suspect I will mount it behind the firewall on the bottom and cut out the covering to get air to the heat sink. On a hard landing the front gear may get slammed into a lipo if not protected with a plate to prevent piercing the lipo. Update to build. I used a Turnigy 35-36C 1100 KV motor and 60 amp ESC with 10x7 APC E prop. I made hatch on the bottom to accept the battery. The stock hatch is too small for a 3S 2200 pack. I also added NACA duct to cool the ESC and battery. Flight report. The plane flys great with plenty of vertical performanc eas powered. Very stable flyer that I maidened in a 15 mph cross wind. Landing was quite good considering the wind. Don't forget to use superthin CA for the CA hinges. Don't ask me how I know. Wheel diameters are different on the mains vs. nose wheel. Don't fret if one seems too big. It belongs on the nose gear. 1/16" ply is all you need for the hatches. A 3/32" thick piece was glued in with 4-40 insert to secured the lipo velcro strap. I hate having to fish velcro that's not secured. I like it securely mounted to the plane.
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